that everyone should have the opportunity to learn new skills.

First of all, unless you your own crystal ball it is difficult to estimate what skills your company will need in 5 years time due to the fact that technology is changing so quickly. Furthermore, it is important to understand exactly where to acquire these new skills so your organisation can stay ahead of the competition. My Digital College offers live, virtual training sessions and hundreds of courses, delivered by high quality, certified trainers. We offer training in critical areas like cyber security, cloud migration, and data science to training from the world’s most reputable companies like Microsoft, Oracle, and Citrix. Our main aim is to improve the technical agility of our clients so that they can reduce skills gaps, become more agile and in turn beat the competition.

Above all, we want our clients to grow their businesses, fast.






years experience in learning



My Digital College was started by Syed who has been working in education and technology for years, and is passionate about learning . He would find it hard to get the training he needed because of the high costs involved with classroom training; whether it was expensive train tickets and or high hotel prices.

Similarly, with online video learning Syed would struggle to become fully engaged with the content and never finished a course. Furthermore, there were no real people to ask questions of. He kept asking himself questions like: “How can I source training without the extra costs?”
“Why can’t my training be more flexible?”
“How can online training be more engaging?

My Digital College is his solution, offering flexible virtual training available on your desktop and even your mobile. While current online training struggles to engage audiences, our new platform will allow fully interactive sessions straight from the comfort of your own own home.

Our high quality training can and will help you learn more. We offer accreditation to help you become certified by authorised vendors around the world. Get in touch now to discuss training for you or your team.

Do you know what skills your employees will need in 5 years time?

What does digital transformation mean to you, and what job roles will you need to fill in the future? Many businesses are not ready for the next generation of technology, and this is where we can help. How well do you understand the challenges and potential of technologies like Block-chain, data science, cloud, and cyber security. There’s a lot to learn. Let us help.